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A Letter Worth Reading..

 A Letter Worth Reading..

A young reader got her marriage fixed. Her  “to be” husband  , is in the US.  She came to know that although  the boy is religious, he recently got a credit card, as he was told that  credit card is not haram in US. The following letter is a case study that reflects the components of an Islamic argument. It has an emotional appeal  with  a firm stand, an intellectual appeal with a convincing reason and finally a Qur'anic reminder with a result..yes he dropped the plan of using a credit card....This is the note I will demand from all my readers to click 'like' because it is not written by me....

  Assalamualiakum ................... ,

I looked into the matter regarding use of credit cards. Firstly,There is no difference of opinion regarding taking  loans (ribaa based) and credit cards. They all say it’s haraam. It deals with riba. If it was some minor thing, I really wouldn’t care. But it is a major sin, and the punishment clearly states that it is war against Allah and His messenger. And another narration mentions- swimming in a pool of blood . Would the prophet (saw) just say this for nothing?  And I can’t live my life thinking about the fact that we're living like that and heading towards a dreadful Akhira !

     I dont want us to live displeasing Allah. If we disobey Him, we can never be confident of our duaas being answered. There will be some trial or the other in our life. There won’t be serenity. Things will either be complicated in life or calamities, some or the other issue will come up etc. We cannot look at others & say that nothing went wrong in their life, they did it. Cause people won’t share their personal crisis with others. Only they &Allah know about it.

    Whereas if you strive to please Allah, you will never regret. He will get you out of every calamity. At the end of it, it is only the true believers who live a peaceful blissful life because of their obedience to Allah. Trust me on that. Nothing is more important than the pleasure of Allah. And if you want a beautiful life, without calamities, it is only through complete submission. Only then will things get facilitated for you.

    There are people who don’t have homes, food, clothing...and here we're thinking of big homes and cars etc ...(this may sound cheesy & all but just think about it- Allah can take away these blessings anytime. Health, wealth, family, it’s all in His hands ) People did live without credit cards a few years back right? Allah has blessed us with  so much already, just lets be content with whatever He provides in the halaal way. There are people who when they get into haraam, then Allah reminds them by testing them with their health, wealth, some or the other crisis.

      And you want your Porsche na? I'll make duaa for that, a few years later, Inshallah and see how you will get it... Just trust Allah and live HALAAL. My duaas are enough , you dont need credit cards and loans for that. Nothing can be more powerful than duaas. That is when true tawakkul comes into action. And those who have that , Allah answers only their duaas.

    I don’t even know how much I  have typed. Just went with the flow and poured out what’s in my heart  in favour of shariah and worried about our  Hereafter . Atleast as of now, dont use your credit card please. I dont want you to use it. Neither for me, nor for yourself.  We dont need it now. Hope you understand.  I care for you, thats why Im saying all this to you.

     I know its difficult in the US to live like that, but then Allah says that if you cannot practice your deen, then migrate- Allah's earth is spacious! That’s why concerned people leave US so that they dont jeopardize their duniya and aakhira. You wont realize it now when I am saying it, but then whats the point in realizing after the damage is done?

    What’s the point if we have a home & cars based on loans involved in ribaa and no barakaah in our lives? Its a serious matter. Please dont take it lightly. Wont you just be happy if you have a wife, and good kids with food on your plate and a  roof above your head? There are people who have big homes, cars etc. but no family, marital issues, no kids.. or some other prob. This is because they dont obey Allah, so Allah snatches the barakah from their lives. You get the point? Or then On the outside it may look all cool, but there’s no peace of mind on the inside! What’s the point then? And some Allah grants them leave here in the duniya and they will pay for it in the hereafter!

   Finally dont forget , that Ribaa is worse than alcohol and adultery. Allah (swt) has declared WAR. And when Allah declares war, 'Peace & Happiness' are the first casualties.

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala

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