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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Muslim Woman Cop in Muslim Country

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Ya Allah grant my parents :: Dua

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Real Tears are not those

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Real tears are not those that fall from the eyes and cover the face, 

but those that fall from the heart and cover the soul...

Say He is Allah :: Islamic images

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to Erase Our Sins

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How to Erase Our Sins

Following is a compilation of Ahadîth that speaks of ways in which we can erase our sins, InshaAllâh!


A servant [of Allâh's] committed a sin and said: O Allâh, forgive me my sin. And He (glorified and exalted be He) said: My servant has committed a sin and has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for them. Then he sinned again and said: O Lord, forgive me my sin. And He (glorified and exalted be He) said: My servant has committed a sin and has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for them. Then he sinned again and said: O Lord, forgive me my sin. And He (glorified and exalted be He) said: My servant has committed a sin and has known that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punishes for sins. Do what you wish, for I have forgiven you. [Hadîth Qudsi]
O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great at it. [Hadîth Qudsi]
Abû Bakr radhiAllâhu `anhu reported:
"I heard the Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam saying: 'Allâh forgives the man who commits a sin (then feels ashamed), purifies himself, offers a prayer and seeks His forgiveness.' Then he recited the 'ayyah: 'And those who, when they do an evil thing or wrong themselves, remember Allâh and implore forgiveness for their sins - and who can forgive sins except Allâh? - and will not knowingly repeat (the wrong) they did. The reward of such will be forgiveness from their Lord, and gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever- a bountiful reward for workers."' [al-'lmrân: 135-136]. [Abû Dawûd, an-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, al-Baihaqi, and at-Tirmidhî who calls it hasan.]

Performing Wudhû

Narrated Abû Hurayrah radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said:
When a bondsman - a Muslim or a believer - washes his face (in course of ablution), every sin he contemplated with his eyes will be washed away from his face along with water, or with the last drop of water ; when he washes his hands, every sin they wrought will be effaced from his hands with the water, or with the last drop of water; and when he washes his feet, every sin towards which his feet have walked will be washed away with the water, or with the last drop of water, with the result that he comes out pure from all sins. [Sahîh Muslim]
Narrated Uthmân ibn AffânradhiAllâhu `anhu:
The Messenger of Allâh sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said: He who performed ablution well, his sins would come out from his body, even coming out from under his nails. [Sahîh Muslim]

Performing Prayer

Narrated Uthmân ibn Affân radhiAllâhu `anhu: "I heard Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam say:
When the time for a prescribed prayer comes, if any Muslim performs ablution well and offers his prayer) with humility and bowing, it will be an expiation for his past sins, so long as he has not committed a major sin; and this applies to for all times. [Sahîh Muslim]
Narrated Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: "Allâh's Apostle said,
"The congregational prayer of anyone amongst you is more than twenty (five or twenty seven) times in reward than his prayer in the market or in his house, for if he performs ablution completely and then goes to the mosque with the sole intention of performing the prayer, and nothing urges him to proceed to the mosque except the prayer, then, on every step which he takes towards the mosque, he will be raised one degree or one of his sins will be forgiven. The angels will keep on asking Allâh's forgiveness and blessings for everyone of you so long as he keeps sitting at his praying place. The angels will say, 'O Allâh, bless him! O Allâh, be merciful to him!' as long as he does not do Hadath or a thing which gives trouble to the other." The Prophet further said, "One is regarded in prayer so long as one is waiting for the prayer." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]
Narrated Abû Hurayrah radhiAllâhu `anhu:
"The Messenger of Allâh sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said: He who purified himself in his house, and then he walked to one of the houses of Allâh for the sake of performing a fard (obligatory act) out of the Fara'id (obligatory acts) of Allâh, both his steps (would be significant) as one of them would obliterate his sin and the second one would raise his status. [Sahîh Muslim]

Attending the Jumu'ah Salâh

Narrated Abû Hurayrah radhiAllâhu `anhu: The Messenger of Allâh sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said:
Five prayers and from one Friday prayer to (the next) Friday prayer is an expiation (of the sins committed in between their intervals) if major sins are not committed. [Sahîh Muslim]
Narrated by Salman Al Farsi radhiAllâhu `anhu: The Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"Whoever takes a bath on Friday, purifies himself as much as he can, then uses his (hair) oil or perfumes himself with the scent of his house, then proceeds (for the Jumua prayer) and does not separate two persons sitting together (in the mosque), then prays as much as (Allâh has) written for him and then remains silent while the Imam is delivering the Khutba, his sins in-between the present and the last Friday would be forgiven." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]

Doing good deeds

Narrated Ibn Masud radhiAllâhu `anhu: A man kissed a woman and then came to Allâh's Apostle and told him of that, so this Divine Inspiration was revealed to the Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam:
"And offer Prayers perfectly at the two ends of the day, and in some hours of the night; (i.e. (five) compulsory prayers). Verily, the good deeds remove the evil deeds (small sins). That is a reminder for the mindful." (Qur'aan : 11.114) The man said, Is this instruction for me only?" The Prophet said, "It is for all those of my followers who encounter a similar situation." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]

Performing Umrah and Hajj

Narrated by Abû Huraira : The Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"Whoever performs Hajj for Allâh's pleasure and does not have sexual relations with his wife, and does not do evil or sins then he will return (after Hajj free from all sins) as if he were born anew." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]
Abdullah ibn Mas'ud radhiAllâhu `anhu narrated that the Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said:
"Alternate between Hajj and 'Umrah (regularly), for these two remove poverty and sins just as the blacksmith's bellows removes all impurities from metals like iron, gold and silver. The reward for Hajj Mabrur is nothing short of Paradise." [Nasa'i and Tirmidhi, who regards it a sound hadîth ]
Narrated Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"(The performance of) 'Umra is an expiation for the sins committed (between it and the previous one). And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allâh) is nothing except Paradise." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]

Saying 'آmîn'

Narrated by Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: The Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"When the Imâm says 'Aamîn', then you should all say ‘Aamîn’, for the angels say ‘آmîn’ at that time, and he whose ‘آmîn’ coincides with the ‘آmîn’ of the angels, all his past sins will be forgiven." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]

Fasting and performing prayers in the night of Qadr in Ramadân

Narrated by Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: The Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"Whoever fasted the month of Ramadân out of sincere Faith (i.e. belief) and hoping for a reward from Allâh, then all his past sins will be forgiven, and whoever stood for the prayers in the night of Qadr out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allâh, then all his previous sins will be forgiven ." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]

Sending salutations

Abû Talha Al Ansari radhiAllâhu `anhu said, "The Prophet, sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam, woke up one day cheerful and beaming. His companions exclaimed, 'O Prophet of Allâh, you woke up today cheerful and beaming.' He replied,
'Yes! A messenger of Allâh, the Mighty and the Glorified, came to me and said, "If anyone from your ummah sends you a salutation, Allâh will record for him ten good deeds, wipe off ten of his sins, and raise him thereby ten degrees in rank, and He will return his salutation with a similar salutation".' [Ahmad] Ibn Kathîr considers this a sound hadîth ]

Being kind to animals

Narrated Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"While a man was walking he felt thirsty and went down a well and drank water from it. On coming out of it, he saw a dog panting and eating mud because of excessive thirst. The man said, 'This (dog) is suffering from the same problem as that of mine. So he (went down the well), filled his shoe with water, caught hold of it with his teeth and climbed up and watered the dog. Allâh thanked him for his (good) deed and forgave him." The people asked, "O Allâh's Apostle! Is there a reward for us in serving (the) animals?" He replied, "Yes, there is a reward for serving any animate." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]
Narrated Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"A prostitute was forgiven by Allâh, because, passing by a panting dog near a well and seeing that the dog was about to die of thirst, she took off her shoe, and tying it with her head-cover she drew out some water for it. So, Allâh forgave her because of that." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]

Leaving grey hair

Amr ibn Shu'aib related on the authority of his father from his grandfather that the Prophet sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"Do not pluck the grey hairs as they are a Muslim's light. Never a Muslim grows grey in Islam except that Allâh writes for him, due to that, a good deed. And he raises him a degree. And he erases for him, due to that, one of his sins." [Related by Ahmad, Abû Dawûd, at-Tirmidhi, an-Nasa'i and Ibn Majah] And Anas said, "We used to hate that a man should pluck out his white hairs from his head or beard." [Sahîh Muslim]

Some simple supplications through which we can erase our sins, Insha'Allâh!

Narrated Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle said,
"Whoever says, 'Subhan Allâh wa bihamdihi,' one hundred times a day, will be forgiven all his sins even if they were as much as the foam of the sea." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]
Narrated Abû Huraira radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said,
"Whoever says: 'La ilaha illal-lah wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahu-l-mulk wa lahu-l-hamd wa huwa 'ala kulli shai'in qadir,' one hundred times will get the same reward as given for manumitting ten slaves; and one hundred good deeds will be written in his accounts, and one hundred sins will be deducted from his accounts, and it (his saying) will be a shield for him from Satan on that day till night, and nobody will be able to do a better deed except the one who does more than he." [Sahîh Al-Bukhari]
Narrated Abû Hurayrah radhiAllâhu `anhu: Allâh's Apostle sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam said:
If anyone extols Allâh after every prayer thirty-three times [SubhanAllâh], and praises Allâh thirty-three times [Alhamdulillah], and declares His Greatness thirty-three times [Allâh hu Akbar], ninety-nine times in all, and say to complete a hundred: "There is no god but Allâh, having no partner with Him, to Him belongs sovereignty and to Him to praise due, and He is Potent over everything," his sins will be forgiven even if these are as Abûndant as the foam of the sea. [Sahîh Muslim]
Abû Hurairah radhiAllâhu `anhu reported that the Prophet, sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam, said,
"If anyone sits in an assembly where there is much clamor and says before getting up to leave, "Subhanaka Allâhumma wa bihamdika, ashadu an-la illaha illa-anta, astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayka" (Glory be to You, O Allâh, and I begin with declaring all praise is due to You, I testify that there is no god but You; I ask Your pardon and turn to You in repentance), he will be forgiven any sin that he might have committed while in that assembly. [Tirmidhi and Al-Baihaqi, (Kitab ad-D'wat Al-kabir)]
Mu'adh b. Anas radhiAllâhu `anhu reported that the Prophet, sallAllâhu `alayhi wa sallam, said,
"If anyone wears a new garment and says, "Alhamdu lillahillazi kasaabi hazaa wa razakabehi min ghairi hawlin minna walaa kuwwata" 'All praise be to Allâh, Who clothed me with this garment and provided it for me, with no power or strength from myself' Allâh will forgive all his previous sins." [Abû Dawûd, At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Maajah]

How Good Should You Be To Your Parents?

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How Good Should You Be To Your Parents?

  The Qur'an says : Be thankful to Me and to your Parents ...Surah Luqman verse 14. We can thank Allah in many ways.. by worshipping him...obeying him... But is a mere "Thank you" or a card on "Parent's day" or just a hug with no warmth, enough to display our thank to our parents?

   Among the verses which we hear the most in our sermons, seminars and personal advices is " Be good to your parents"  Can goodness be measured? Can you take  a stock of your goodness?  NO ! But can Allah take stock of my goodess? Yes. If you study the verses related to the the rights of parents you will come  across many injuctions that gives us a good parameter to atleast analyse how good we are to our parents, rather how bad we are to them.

    In Surha Baqarah verse 83, Allah says : We taook a promise from the Bani Israel that they will not worship any one besides Allah and will be kind to  their parents... The arabic phrase is : Wabil Walidayn ihasana...Ihsan in Urdu means to oblige someone. But in Arabic it means : To offer the best. The root word "Ha Seen Noon" has another word " Husna" which means "To beautify".  Now if study the phrase again, we read it " and "Beautify your conduct towards your parents" How does one beautify his conduct. or offer a best conduct?

    Ihsan also means better response for good , good for evil and it reflects in speech and action. In speech, the Qur'an gives and example inn Surah Nisaa..And when a  courtesou greeting is offered to your respond it with better.. the Arabic phrase for better response is..with ahsan...Ahsan is a superlative degree of good.. and the Hadith explains this verse : when some body says Assalamualaikum.. you reply him : walaykumussalam warahamtullah wabarakatuhu... Rahmatullahi and Barakatuhu are better reponse...

   So how can we do ihsan with parents in  speech? Surah Isra , verse 23 says : Waqullahuma qaulan Kareema.. and talk to them in an honourable manner. ..Dont' instruct them but request them. Respond them politey.  Correct them respectfully. This is what the Qur'an instructs us when it says: do not say even "UFF" to them. Even a harsh father of Prophet Ibrahim was responded by his son by the term " Yaa Abaati " O my dear father ". This  ihsan was  towards a father who is one of the biggest obstacle in his passion of Touhid. Compare this with our corrections of our parents who are  regular in salah and nice people!

     Even body language is a form of communication, isnt it? Looking harshly at parents can give you negative grades. Aisha r.a.a said : A man looking harshly at his father is not a man of rightous conduct ( In spite of his being a regular in the masjid, giving charity....)  Ibn Abbas said : Ihsan towards parents also include, not to shake one's clothes before them so as to prevent the dust from our clothers fall on them !

   Allah loves kindness to parents says a popular Hadith from Bukhari. But many of us exclude spending on parents . Let us check from the Qur'an : They ask you what should spend? Say : What ever  you spend  is good.. on parents.. So spending on parents is an act that qualifies you to stand in the ranks of those who  do Ihasan with parents. A father has right to spend the money of his son. This is an Islamic ruling with no second opinion. Today we run out of our money in buying expensive gadgets for our wives and kids, while our parents run short of money for their medicines.  Let me whisper one more thing.. wasting your parent's money is also a bad conduct towards them.

    Inspite of doing all these things have we really thanked our parents ? No not possible. Refer to Surha Luqman, verse 14 : In travail upon travail did his mother bear him.... means when we wereint he womb of our mothers she carried us with utmost care....and two years of weaning, says the verse..Can we carry our mother continuosly for 24 hours day and night? No. Then how do we  thank her? Since we are not able to return their obligation with Ihsan, with better conduct then they did to us,  so we continue doing best to them and yet leave the matter to Allah to reward them...Note this Qur'anic verse : (Pray for them ) My Lord ! Bestow on them your mercy as they cherished me in childhood...

   Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala

BEWARE OF Shaytan's work (Beautifying Falsehood-Satan's mission)

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BEWARE OF Shaytan's work (Beautifying Falsehood-Satan's mission)
And whosoever turns away from the remembrance of the Most Beneficent (i.e. this Qur'aan and worship of Allah), We appoint for him Shaytan to be a Qareen (an intimate companion) to him. And verily, they (Shayateen) hinder them from the Path (of Allah), but they think that they are guided aright!'
[Qur'an (43): 36-37]

This verse determines the task of Qareen;

a) Hindering from the path of Allah,
b) and confusing the person into believing that he is upon the truth.

Hindrance from the path of Allah cannot be done except by beautifying falsehood and making it look good in one's eyes. Not letting one realize that the Sharee'ah of Allah is being opposed. Man spends his whole life with this waswasa until he recognizes the truth but it is too late!! On that day, he will complain and,
'he says (to his Qareen), 'Would that between me and you were the distance of the two easts (or the east and west)' a worst (type of) companion (indeed)!'[Soorah az-Zukhruf (43): 36-37]

Imam Ibnul-Qayyim said in this context, 'One of his (Shaytan) plots is that he always bewitches people's mind until they are deceived. No one is saved from his sorcery except those whom Allah Wills. He makes attractive to the mind that which will harm it, until a person thinks of something as most beneficial, and he (Shaytan) discourages him from that which is the most beneficial, until he thinks that it will harm him. La ilaaha illAllah, how may people have been tempted by this sorcery!' [Quoted from, �Aalam al-Jinn was-Shayateen by Umar S. Al-Ashqar]

Shaytan made the idea of eating from the forbidden tree appear attractive to Adam by giving it a beautiful and attractive name. He kept claiming to Adam that the forbidden tree was 'the tree of eternal life,' and that eating from it would make him live forever in Paradise, or would make him one of the angels
Your Lord did not forbid you this tree save you should become angels or become of the immortals.
[(7):20] until Adam obeyed Shaytan, and was subsequently expelled from Paradise.

Shaytan may beautify a sinful action between a man and woman

The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) said, 'Men are not tempted by anything more than women.' [Agreed upon] For this reason, women are commanded to cover their bodies and men are commanded to lower their gaze. He (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) forbade being alone with a non-mahram woman and said that no man is ever alone with a non-mahram woman but Shaytan is the third one. This is because Shaytan may beautify a sinful action for them and thus, we must try to subdue Shaytan and drive away his deception and act in accordance with the guidelines of Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam), who said, 'The woman comes in the form of a Shaytan and goes in the form of the Shaytan. So if one of you sees a woman that pleases him, he should go to his family and that will get rid of what is in him.' [Saheeh Muslim]

The Qur'aan relates a number of examples of how Shaytan beautifies falsehood and Kufr for his enemies and they go along what he intends for them, like Saba and her kingdom. The hoopee bird informed Suleiman (alaihis-salaam) about their condition,

'I found her and her people worshiping the sun instead of Allah, and Shaytan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them, and has barred them from (Allah's) Way, so they have no guidance,'
[Soorah an-Naml (27): 24]

This trick of Shaytan is very dangerous, because if falsehood is made to appear attractive to a person, how would he strive towards achieving the good and repelling the evil?

Allah says in the Qur'aan about Thamud, the people of Salih (alaihis-salaam),

'And We have assigned them (Shayateen) intimate companions (in this world), who have made fair-seeming to them, what was before them (from the Hereafter that there is no resurrection, Paradise or Hell) and what was behind them (he beautified for them that the world was very old, and there was no Creator except nature).'[(41): 25] [See, Tafseer al-Kabeer of Rajhi 27/103]

And this beautification of the world leads to turning away from the Deen and mocking at the believers,'Beautified is the life of this world for those who disbelieve, and they mock at those who believe.'((2): 212] 

SubhanAllah, is this not what we witness today from the Darwinists.

The people of Thamud were, in fact, the most famous people for their intelligence, and Shaytan approached them through this door and enticed them, so they became stubborn and argued and were destroyed,

'And Ad and Thamud (people)! And indeed (their destruction) is clearly apparent to you from their (ruined) dwellings. Shaytan made their deeds fair-seeming to them, and turned them away from the (Right) Path, though they were intelligent.'[(29): 38]

How many intelligent people have been fooled by Shaytan today, and from their false thoughts are communism, secularism and feminism!! This is because Shaytan has beautified the falsehood for them.

This has been the way of Shaytan with every nation as Allah says,

'By Allah, We indeed sent (Messengers) to the nations before you (O Muhammad), but Shaytan made their deeds fair-seeming to them. So he (Shaytan) is their Wali (helper) today (i.e. in this world), and theirs will be a painful torment.'

Imam Ibn Katheer writes in the Tafseer of this verse, 'He sent Messengers to the nations of the past, and they were rejected. You, O Muhammad, have an example in your brothers among the Messengers, so do not be distressed by your people's rejection. As for the idolater's rejection of the Messengers, the reason for this is that the Shaytan made their deeds attractive to them.'

So he (Shaytan) is their Wali (helper) today,

' meaning they will be suffering punishment while Shaytan is their only helper, and he cannot save them, so they have no one to answer their calls for help, and theirs is a painful punishment.'[ (16): 63]

With this trick, Shaytan befools mankind into deceiving their own selves and making the prohibitions of Allah lawful for themselves. An interesting story is mentioned in the Qur'aan about the people of Sabbath among the Jews, whom Allah forbade to fish on Saturday (Sabbath) as a trial for them.

And ask them (O Muhammad) about the town that was by the sea, when they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: when their fish came to them openly on the Sabbath day, and did not come to them on the day they had no Sabbath. Thus We made a trial of them for they used to rebel.'
[Soorah al-A'raf (7): 163]

So, 'They began using deceitful means to avoid honoring the Sabbath by placing nets, ropes and artificial pools of water for the purpose of fishing before the Sabbath (i.e., on Friday). When the fish came in abundance on Saturday as usual, they were caught in the ropes and nets for the rest of Saturday. During the night, the Jews collected the fish after the Sabbath ended. When they did that, Allah changed them from humans into monkeys, the animals having the form closest to humans. Their evil deeds and deceit appeared lawful on the surface, but they were in reality wicked. This is why their punishment was compatible with their crime. Imam Abu Abdullah bin Battah reported that Abu Hurayrah (radhi allahu anhu) said that the Messenger of Allah said, 'Do not commit what the Jews committed, breaching what Allah has forbidden, by resorting to the lowest types of deceit.' [See, Tafseer Ibn Katheer]

Imam Ibnul-Qayyim writes, 'From him (Shaytan), his followers learned the method of calling haraam things by names which people find attractive. So they called wine - the mother of joy, and they called intoxicants - morsels of delight, and they called Riba (usury) business dealing' (end quote from Wabil as-Sayyib). Similarly, today singing, dancing, acting, making statues are all called, 'art!' But with such devious behavior man can only fool himself and none can deceive Allah, the All-Wise.

Shaytan corrupts people's heart and souls through singing and music

Imam Ibnul-Qayyim (rahimahullah) writes in Igaathat al-Lahfaan (1/242), 'Among the plots and traps of the enemy of Allah, with which he seeks to trap those who posses little knowledge, reasoning and religious commitment and trap the ignorant is the listening to whistling and clapping of hands and singing accompanied by forbidden musical instruments, which closes people's hearts to the Qur'aan and makes them devoted to immorality and sin. This is the 'Qur'an' of the Shaytan, an impenetrable barrier which blocks them from the Most Merciful. This is the means that leads to sodomy and fornication, by means of which the Shaytan ensnares the hearts of those who follow falsehood and makes it appear attractive to them by way of deceit and trickery. He inspires them by means of specious arguments to regard it as something good, so they accept this idea and for the sake of argument to regard it as something good, so they accept this idea and for the sake of singing they forsake the Qur'aan.

Women Oppression ?

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A shaykh sits next to a capitalist on a flight...

The capitalist asks the shaykh: "What is your occupation?"
Shaykh: "I'm into big business."
Capitalist: "But what business exactly?"
Shaykh: "I deal with Allah (swt)."
Capitalist: "Ah so your a religious Muslim leader? I have one problem with you muslims, you oppress women."
Shaykh: "How do we oppress women?"
Capitalist: "You make women cover up completely and make them generally stay in their homes."
Shaykh: "Ah' I have a problem with you people, you oppress money."
Capitalist: "What?! How can one oppress money?"
Shaykh: "You keep your money hidden away, in banks and safes. You keep it covered up, why don't you display it in public if its a beautiful thing?"
Capitalist: "It will get stolen obviously."
Shaykh: "So you keep your money hidden because its valuable. We value the worth of women far, far more. Therefore these precious jewels are not on display to everyone.They are best kept in honour and dignity!!"

All The King's Men and All The King's Horses.....When Down fall Arrives..

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All The King's Men and All The King's Horses.....When Down fall Arrives..

    All of  us know that Pharoah was drowned in water.  But how many readers of Qur'an know that he was very fond of rivers and boasted about it? Note this Verse number 51 from Surah Zukhruf, Surah number 43 : And Pharoah proclaimed among his people saying " O my People! Does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me ? ( see ) these streams flowing underneath me ( my Palace) .. Am I not better than Moses ?

  When  an arrogant ruler keeps on displaying  his arrogancy his downfall arrives from that very thing he boasted about. When down fall arrives it comes all of a sudden and it comes from Allah from any where.Let us go back and see the verse number 49 of Surah Bakarah : Remember ( O Children of Israel ) we rescued you from the people of Pharoah, they set you hard task and slaughtered your sons and let your women folk alive, In that was a tremenduos trial from your Lord.... And remember we Divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharoah's people within your very sight

  There are few important things to be noted in the above 2 verses
1. Arabic word "Najjaynakum".... Allah says I saved you from Pharoah....
    Moral of the phrase : Help against atrocious governments should be sought from Allah.
2. "They set  upon you hard task " The Bani Israel were made to do a lot of labour by the Pharoah and his court. This was the test number 1.
3. They slaughtered your sons...The arabic word is Uzabbihoon...cutting the throat like we do zabiha of animals..How many of us can tolerate the slaughter of our own sons before our eyes and that too as a regular affair for a long time ? Test number 2.
4. And let your women folk alive.....What else can be more humiliating than all the women folk of a race are taken up as slave girls and their boys killed? Test number 3.
5. We divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned the people of Pharoah within your very sight....This is also a test...Test number 4.The Bani Israels of today ( Zionist,  Teleaviv, Israel) have forgotten this lesson. Just one minute back the Bani Israel were frightened and trying to cross over the sea to save their lives and an arrogant army intoxicated by power superiority chasing them, and the next minute when the last peson of Bani Israel climbed out of the sea.. the water got into its original state. Phaorah's entire army was defeated with being fought !

   The very same water which Pharoah baosted about arrogantly to insult  Moses a.s. became the weapon of his destruction. All the King's men and All the King's Horses could not put Humpty Dumpty together again

  The last test mentioned above, continues. Now Allah is reminding the Bani Israels about His obligation upon them when they were subjugated. In today's context they are reminded because they are today's Pharoah and the helpless Palestians are today's victim. With no army to rescue them.. if Allah can save Bani Israel He can save Palisitinians and what He did it to Pharoah, He can do it to Israel. As Allah anounces in Qur'an.. walan tajida sunnatillahi tabdilaa.. And never will you see a change in the Method of Allah....

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala

A Letter Worth Reading..

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 A Letter Worth Reading..

A young reader got her marriage fixed. Her  “to be” husband  , is in the US.  She came to know that although  the boy is religious, he recently got a credit card, as he was told that  credit card is not haram in US. The following letter is a case study that reflects the components of an Islamic argument. It has an emotional appeal  with  a firm stand, an intellectual appeal with a convincing reason and finally a Qur'anic reminder with a result..yes he dropped the plan of using a credit card....This is the note I will demand from all my readers to click 'like' because it is not written by me....

  Assalamualiakum ................... ,

I looked into the matter regarding use of credit cards. Firstly,There is no difference of opinion regarding taking  loans (ribaa based) and credit cards. They all say it’s haraam. It deals with riba. If it was some minor thing, I really wouldn’t care. But it is a major sin, and the punishment clearly states that it is war against Allah and His messenger. And another narration mentions- swimming in a pool of blood . Would the prophet (saw) just say this for nothing?  And I can’t live my life thinking about the fact that we're living like that and heading towards a dreadful Akhira !

     I dont want us to live displeasing Allah. If we disobey Him, we can never be confident of our duaas being answered. There will be some trial or the other in our life. There won’t be serenity. Things will either be complicated in life or calamities, some or the other issue will come up etc. We cannot look at others & say that nothing went wrong in their life, they did it. Cause people won’t share their personal crisis with others. Only they &Allah know about it.

    Whereas if you strive to please Allah, you will never regret. He will get you out of every calamity. At the end of it, it is only the true believers who live a peaceful blissful life because of their obedience to Allah. Trust me on that. Nothing is more important than the pleasure of Allah. And if you want a beautiful life, without calamities, it is only through complete submission. Only then will things get facilitated for you.

    There are people who don’t have homes, food, clothing...and here we're thinking of big homes and cars etc ...(this may sound cheesy & all but just think about it- Allah can take away these blessings anytime. Health, wealth, family, it’s all in His hands ) People did live without credit cards a few years back right? Allah has blessed us with  so much already, just lets be content with whatever He provides in the halaal way. There are people who when they get into haraam, then Allah reminds them by testing them with their health, wealth, some or the other crisis.

      And you want your Porsche na? I'll make duaa for that, a few years later, Inshallah and see how you will get it... Just trust Allah and live HALAAL. My duaas are enough , you dont need credit cards and loans for that. Nothing can be more powerful than duaas. That is when true tawakkul comes into action. And those who have that , Allah answers only their duaas.

    I don’t even know how much I  have typed. Just went with the flow and poured out what’s in my heart  in favour of shariah and worried about our  Hereafter . Atleast as of now, dont use your credit card please. I dont want you to use it. Neither for me, nor for yourself.  We dont need it now. Hope you understand.  I care for you, thats why Im saying all this to you.

     I know its difficult in the US to live like that, but then Allah says that if you cannot practice your deen, then migrate- Allah's earth is spacious! That’s why concerned people leave US so that they dont jeopardize their duniya and aakhira. You wont realize it now when I am saying it, but then whats the point in realizing after the damage is done?

    What’s the point if we have a home & cars based on loans involved in ribaa and no barakaah in our lives? Its a serious matter. Please dont take it lightly. Wont you just be happy if you have a wife, and good kids with food on your plate and a  roof above your head? There are people who have big homes, cars etc. but no family, marital issues, no kids.. or some other prob. This is because they dont obey Allah, so Allah snatches the barakah from their lives. You get the point? Or then On the outside it may look all cool, but there’s no peace of mind on the inside! What’s the point then? And some Allah grants them leave here in the duniya and they will pay for it in the hereafter!

   Finally dont forget , that Ribaa is worse than alcohol and adultery. Allah (swt) has declared WAR. And when Allah declares war, 'Peace & Happiness' are the first casualties.

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

things look like jesus ! Jesus Miracle ?????????

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Monday, February 20, 2012


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[warning : a half nacked girl pic is included in this article,if u have any alternate pic.pls share with me,i will change it.i copied from another blog]

On my wall, I have a picture of a Muslim woman shrouded in a burka. 

Beside it is a picture of an American beauty contestant, wearing nothing but a bikini. One woman is totally hidden from the public; the other is totally exposed. These two extremes say a great deal about the clash of so-called "civilizations." 

The role of woman is at the heart of any culture. Apart from stealing Arab oil, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are about stripping Muslims of their religion and culture, exchanging the burka for a bikini. Breaking up the family unit as they have so successfully managed to accomplish in Europe and North America is an important part of bringing the civilization under Communist rule in which the State is parent to the child.

I am not an expert on the condition of Muslim women and I love feminine beauty too much to advocate the burka here. But I am defending some of the values that the burka and modesty covering such as the hajib represent for me.

Does this woman exhibit the pride, elegance or confidence 
shown by the other women in these photos?  
As a friend just suggested, her pose is reminiscent
of that of a trained seal!

To me, these coverings represent a woman's consecration to her husband and family. Only they see her. It affirms the privacy, exclusivity and importance of the domestic sphere. 

The Muslim woman's focus is her home, the "nest" where her children are born and reared. She is the "home" maker, the taproot that sustains the spiritual life of the family, nurturing and training her children, providing refuge and support to her husband. 
In contrast, the almost naked Western beauty queen struts in front of millions on TV. A feminist, she belongs to herself. In practice, paradoxically, she is public property. She belongs to no one and everyone. She shops her body to the highest bidder. She is auctioning herself all of the time.

 Modern Islamic wedding wear.

In America, the cultural measure of a woman's value is her sex appeal. (As this asset depreciates quickly, she is neurotically obsessed with appearance and plagued by weight problems.) 

Doesn't Britney Spears have the loveliest eyes? Yes, this is she.

As an adolescent, her role model is Britney Spears, a singer whose act approximates a strip tease. From Britney, a child learns that she will be loved only if she gives sex. Thus, she learns to "hook up" furtively rather than to demand patient courtship, love and marriage. As a result, dozens of males know her before her husband does. She loses her innocence, which is a part of her charm. She becomes hardened and calculating.

 The feminine personality is founded on the emotional relationship between mother and baby. It is based on nurturing and self-sacrifice. Masculine nature is founded on the relationship between hunter and prey. It is based on aggression and reason. 

Feminism deceives women to believe femininity has resulted in "oppression" and they should adopt male behavior instead. The result: a confused and aggressive woman with a large chip on her shoulder, unfit to become a wife or mother.

This is the goal of the NWO social engineers: undermine sexual identity and destroy the family, create social and personal dysfunction, and reduce population. In the "brave new world," women are not supposed to be mothers and progenitors of the race. They are meant to be neutered, autonomous sex objects.

Liberating women is often given as an excuse for the war in Afghanistan. Liberating them to what? To be Britney Spears? To low-rise "see-my-thong" pants? To the mutual masturbation that passes for sexuality in America? If they really cared about women, maybe they'd end the war. 

But then, any excuse for aggression to steal from indigenous people whatever they wish, in this case the products of the poppy and a vital oil pipeline to the ocean. We all know the liberation of women means nothing, or less than nothing, to these individuals.  
Parenthood is the pinnacle of human development. It is the stage when we finally graduate from self-indulgence and become God's surrogates: creating and nurturing new life. The New World Order does not want us to reach this level of maturity. Pornography is the substitute for marriage. We are to remain single: stunted, sex-starved and self-obsessed. 

Women will give birth and within a very short time the care and training of the child will be handed over to the state through nannies, daycares, etc. Over the years all parental tools have been weakened and with the dissolution of families, young couples are gullible to the wiles of state and medicine, their power stolen from them without them even aware of it so trained are they to accept the dictates of the medical profession.

We are not meant to have a permanent "private" life. We are meant to remain lonely and isolated, in a state of perpetual courtship, dependent on consumer products for our identity.

This is especially destructive for woman. Her sexual attraction is a function of her fertility. As fertility declines, so does her sex appeal. If a woman devotes her prime years to becoming "independent," she is not likely to find a permanent mate. However, that problem is being handled through the emasculation of the male through drugs and social manipulation and the politically correct protected promotion of alternative lifestyles.

Her long-term personal fulfillment and happiness lies in making marriage and family her first priority. 

Feminism is another cruel New World Order hoax that has debauched American women and despoiled Western civilization. It has ruined millions of lives and represents a lethal threat to Islam. 

I am not advocating the burka but rather some of the values that it represents, specifically a woman's consecration to her future husband and family, and the modesty and dignity this entails. 

Among almost all Muslims today, there has been a huge change. Couples are couples and the polygamous faction has faded to a great degree. This, too, is a shame because it robs the poorer members of society, widows, etc of a place to live and leaves more of them in the dire position of poverty. The original reason for taking multiple wives was originally to accommodate the needs of such women.  

Today in the more modern cities and areas of the Middle East, polygamy, while not a thing of the past, is no longer the norm. Also the cost of living has made it harder for a man to support more than one household since every wife is to be treated equally to the other in everything from time spent with each to the accommodations supplied.

The media portrays Muslim women wearing a hijab as weak, with scared eyes. Always with a black hijab, eyes pleading for help from the western readers. Never once have I've seen a picture in a Norwegian newspaper of a smiling Muslim woman wearing a colorful hijab. 

Like the ones I do see every day. They are beautiful, some are simply stunning. I bought my own hijab last year because I think it looks so pretty. I have not worn it in public, but I've made numerous promises both online and in RL that I will wear the hijab, a burka or a niqab if a ban ever is to be implemented. And the police, politicians, feminists and racists would have a very hard time explaining why I, a liberated western woman wearing this garment of my own free will, was fined for being out in public. A very hard time indeed.

We in the west have a lot to learn about respect. And far too many of us need to learn that today integration has a meaning similar to assimilation.The women's liberation movement, the french revolution, the black power movement all led to the rights we in the west have today.

The burka and the bikini represent two extremes. The answer lies somewhere in the middle.

IA head covering on a Muslim is a political statement but it is not when on a Christian nun’s head.  ~ Riem Spielhaus, Humbolt University
[copied from another blog]

Man Can Marry Four - Why Not Women Marry Four?

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Man Can Marry Four - Why Not Women Marry Four?

Islam gives man permission to marry four wives. Why can't a woman have four husbands?
Al Hamdulillah, was-Salat was-Salam ala Rasulillah. Allahu 'Alim.
(It is Allah who has All Knowledge).

Rights and Limits

First of all, it is important for us to keep in mind that Islam came to establish two very important fundamentals for human beings:
Rights and Limits.

Everyone and everything has certain rights given to it by the Creator and Sustainer of the universe (Allah). At the same time, each creation has its own limitations established by Allah.
First Right - Allah has the right to be worshipped without making partners from what He has created. Direct worship to Him, alone.

Second Right - Prophet's right to be followed according to his teaching and commandments.

Third Right - Parents rights to be honored and cared for, with special emphasis on the mother first.

Fourth Right - Wives and Husbands have rights on each other.

Conditions 1,400 Years Ago

Now let us do some basic research here. We begin by looking into the condition of the women in various societies at the time 1,400 years ago when Allah revealed the Quran to Muhammad, Peace and blessings be upon him.

Pagan Arabs - Burying Girls Alive

During that time the pagan Arab men used to bury their newborn daughters alive in the sand, out of shame for having something so low and disgusting like a girl instead of a son. Women were treated horribly and with utter disgust.

Men could marry as many as they liked and very often they owned women like cattle or sheep. There were no laws to protect the women and they had no rights at all.

Christians - Arguing If Women Had Souls

Christians at that time were holding council meetings to determine whether or not a woman even had a soul. The church blamed "Eve" the mother of all humans after Adam (Peace and blessings be upon him) for the "original sin" and damned her and her seed for what she had done.

Priests - Best Men - Forbidden Marriage - To Any Women

Priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope are the very best of the Catholic men within the church. Yet the church still forbids their clergymen the chance for marriage and families. This unnatural situation has caused very serious ramifications throughout the society around the world.

Nuns - Best Women - No Marriage - No Children

Nuns are the very best of the Catholic women. They cover themselves in proper attire much the same way as the Muslim women. Yet, they are never allowed to marry or have children throughout their lives. This unnatural condition has caused untold number of disgraceful and disgusting practices within the very church itself.

If Only Bad People Have Children - What About Tomorrow?

We must ask the question, "If the very best of the men and the very best of the women are not allowed to marry or have children - does this mean only the worst of the people are the ones allowed to reproduce and populate the world?" - And where will that leave us tomorrow?

Jews - Blame Women and Curse Women

The Jews blamed women for the "original sin" and as such they were treated with disgust. A woman's monthly cycle was considered by the Old Testament of the Bible to be a "curse from God" for her inequities. Her child bearing pains were also a 'punishment from God' for her bringing man down from heaven.

Islam - No Blame On Women For Evil

Islam does not blame Eve for Adam's sin. Each of them accepted their own mistake and repented to Allah, and asked Allah to forgive them and Allah did forgive them.

Now before going any further, please read Surah An Nisa (chapter 4 in the Quran) - all the way through, in order to better understand what is actually being said about women, men and marriage.

Read Quran

Now let us think about the verses. Do you believe that Allah Knows what He created and He has revealed the perfect 'Deen'? Do you know the condition of the people at the time the order came to restrict the number of wives? (Restricted to be only four)

Now read the verse about having more than one wife, very carefully. [Noble Quran 4:3]

What does it say? And what do you understand from it?

Now read the ayah (verse) that forbids men to marry women who are already married. [Noble Quran 4:24].

Now read from An Nisa (Chapter 4) about the role of men and women. [Noble Quran 4:34]

Man Supports And Protects Women

Do you understand that one must take on the role of supporter, protector, provider, custodian and servant to the family (man's role)?

Woman Gives Birth - Raises Children

One must take on the role of carrying the child and delivering it and then feeding it and raising it to become a true servant of Allah (woman's role).

Not Equal - But Treated Fairly In Justice

Men and women are not the same nor are they "equal" as some folks would have us believe. Whatever is on one side of an 'equals' sign must be exactly the same as what is on the other side without any difference in value, only in the way that it is expressed. How then could we say that a man, who is unable to conceive or give birth and then breast feed a baby is the equal to a woman who can?

Equal In Faith And Actions

They are equal in their beliefs and good deeds of course. But still they are not the same as each other. Each one must fulfill their role as humans.

Children's Rights Protected

Islam is also very much about rights. Children also have rights in Islam. When a man dies his wealth is left to his family. How could the court know who to give the wealth of a man, if he was one of several husbands to a woman? How would a child know who his father was? No society ever supported the concept of a woman being married to two or more men at the same time.

Women's Right - Best Treatment

Almost every society supported the concept of a man having more than one woman. Yet, they did not limit the number nor did they provide the protection and maintenance that Islam insists on for each one. Islam came to set things straight. Women were given rights. Men were strictly ordered to treat their women with the very best of treatment.

Limit - Number in Marriage

When the verse was revealed the companions of Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) did not run out with the attitude that they were going to get four wives all of a sudden. Some of them already had much more than that and these men had to divorce their wives, if they had more than four. So this was not an order to go out and get four wives. It was an order to begin limitations. And the first limitation was; No more than four.

Limit - Equal Maintenance and Treatment

Second, the limitation of equal treatment for all of them. How could a man keep more than one wife unless he was exceedingly wealthy and/or exceedingly strong and virile?

Next, the limitation very clearly states; ".. but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them) then only one ..."

Muslims Today - Most Monogamous

Step by step, the men of Islam have come to be known today as the most monogamous of all men on earth (we only have one wife). Check for yourself and see. In the majority of all the Muslim homes on earth, a man gets married once, to one woman and then he stays married to her until the death of either himself or his wife.

Woman's Right To Choose Any Husband She Likes - Even If He Is Already Married

One very important point that is often overlooked by modern society is the right that Islam gave to the women that it does not give to the man. A man is limited to marry only from the woman who is not already married. Obviously, this provides rights for the children and provides for them from inheritance from the father. But Islam also permits the women to marry a man who is already married to protect her in a society where the number of women outnumbers the population of men. Additionally, the woman has a large selection of men to choose from. In fact, she has the right to choose from any man in the community as long as he does not already have four wives. She also has the opportunity to see how the other wife was being treated and go into a marriage knowing exactly what to expect from her husband. After all, he must treat her in the same way as he is treating the other wife.

Women Need Husbands - Allah Provided the Answer

The prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted that in the Last Days the women would outnumber the men to a great extent. Today we are seeing this become a reality all over the world. Allah has already provided for us for this occasion. After all, He is the One who makes it all happen and He already knew that many women would come into Islam in these days. He also knew many of the Muslim men would be killed or die at an early age, just as it is happening these days. These women all need husbands. Allah has given us the solution to all of life's problems.

Women's Right to Vote - 1,400 Years Ago

We might add that Islam also gave the women full status as citizens over 1,400 years ago by giving her to right to speak and vote the same as anyone else. American women had to take their cause to the streets with "Women's Suffrage" and were not granted the right to vote until just ninety years ago.

Women Keep Their Identity - And Their Names

Additionally, Islam protected women's rights to keep their identity and they were not considered property of some man. As such, they were no longer forced to change their last names to be that of their husbands. This is still the practice of Muslim women today just as it was fourteen hundred years ago.

Women Keep Their Property And Earnings - Men Must Share

Yet, at the same time the western society is so concerned about the way Islam demands that a couple be married, the man actually must work instead of the woman; the woman owns her own property without giving anything for the support of the house or the child; a child has the right to his or her own mother raising them instead of a baby sitter or day care; father must support his children; divorce is hated; and marriage is sanctified.

West Can't Tolerate Man And Woman - In Marriage

It is strange isn't it, a society like America, has no problem accepting sex without marriage; homosexuality; same sex marriages; sex without responsibility; children without fathers; and divorces are more common place than the measles or chicken pox. Yet, there is no tolerance for marriage between a man and a woman if it is not on their terms.

What Needs to Be Re-evaluated?

Compare the two for yourself and see which one needs correction.

Jazakum Allahu Khayran was Salam Alaykum,

Sheikh Yusuf Estes

One Husband - 4 Wives?

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One Husband - 4 Wives?

How can you justify that a man can have four wives in Islam?
If you want to criticize us because we can have four wives, how many girlfriends can you have legally in the state of California? As many as you can fit in your car or your van I guess. There is no limit, you can go rent a bus.

But we have limits, we can not have more than one unless we treat them with the same equality.

When the order came, it came to people that had many wives, who had to divorce their wives because they couldn't treat them with equality and some of them had more than four. So it didn't come out as good news to them, it came as bad news, because they had to divorce wives.

And today, Muslims are the most monogamous of all people on the earth. And we don't practice polygamy. It is called polygyny, because a woman is not marrying 4 husbands or 5 husbands or 10 husbands. Why? Because Islam has rights and limitations.

When there's a baby born, a man has to be responsible to care for that baby financially, not the woman, the man is responsible for that baby, that’s his child and he is financially responsible for that child, yes or not? and when he dies, the inheritance goes for that child and how can it go to the child if the child doesn't know who his father is? If a woman has more than one husband, how does the child know which one is the father?

But watch this, there is another point, I want you to think about this: A man is limited because, in Islam, he can not marry a woman who is already married. So if you have a community of 100 women, 99 are married, you only got one to choose from, but a woman can be in a community with 100 men and all of them could be married and she could still choose from all of these men except those that already have 4 wives, and she has the advantage of knowing how he treats the other wives and she is assured by the Quran that she will receive the same good treatment

So the benefit is for the lady, not for the man, because every time a man takes a wife he takes on obligation, responsibility and he is ordered in the Quran, chapter 4, verse 34, that the men are the protectors, and providers, and maintainers of the women. Men have that responsibility but women don’t have to pay a dime from their money to support the household. If she is a millionaire and he is the garbage man, he still has to spend all from his to take care of her.

By the way, my wife makes more money than I do in real life. She has a baking thing she does at the house; and she makes cookies and things like this and at the end of every week she has more money than me, so I remind her, even though you don’t have to, Allah gives big, big, Ajr for giving Sadaqah to the poor. She racks up a lot of Ajr around our place, I tell you, Alhamdulillah.

So this is something important and many women, when they realize the high position they hold in Islam, they like it because they are treated like a queen. If somebody is going to treat you like a king, don't you like? So that's the next part of the verse, because of this, the woman is devoutly obedient to Allah, and certainly to her husband as well because look! “This man is really sacrificing for me. If I need anything for my health, for shelter, for clothing, for food or drink, education for my children, this man has to take care of all of it.” And even if she has a career, she can keep her money. This is why it is not important for a woman to go out and make any money anyway because she can keep it. When she inherits, all of it stays with her. This is why that when there is inheritance, the boy takes a bigger share than the girl because the boy turns around and spends it on the women, whereas she keeps hers. So there's something in Islam not called equality, it's called equity. Equality means everything is equal, well it's not equal.

In reality it's not equal. Does a man have a baby? I don’t think so, but a woman does. So the equity is that the man goes out and does the things that a woman is not able to do, especially at that time. And every month the woman has the time of the month, when things are harder for her and uncomfortable for her, and the man has the responsibility to care for her and it is not an option, it's an obligation.

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