Monday, March 22, 2010

Five Things Cause Five Others

Five Things Cause Five Others:

Abu Hurayrah, radhiallahu `anhu said, "If anyone has five things then he will not be deprived of five others.

  • He who is enabled to show gratitude will never be deprived of increase of blessings.

    "If you give thanks, certainly I will give you more." (14:7)

  • He who is guided to persevere will not be deprived of reward.

    "Truly the persevering will be paid their reward in full without reckoning." (39:10)

  • One who is inspired to repent will not be deprived of its acceptance:

    "And He is (Allah) Who accepts repentance from His servants." (42:25)

  • One who is enabled to seek forgiveness will not be deprived of receiving pardon.

    "Seek forgiveness of your Lord; surely He is Ever-Forgiving." (71:10)

  • He who is spurred to make supplication is not deprived of an answer.

    "Call upon Me, and I shall answer you." (40:60)

    Someone else added a sixth proposition that one who is encouraged to spend will not be deprived of reward thereof.

    "And whatsoever you expend (for good) He shall replace it." (34:39)

    - Imam as-Samarqandi

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